Episode 47 – Terrorism in London

June 10, 2017

Question of the Week

How was D-Day: Over Normandy? I was asked that question after seeing the world premiere in Providence, RI. All I can say is Tim Gray and WWII Foundation have created something that touches people. As many of our WWII Veterans are dying off, it is important that their stories are kept alive. D-Day over Normandy does that with stunning visuals that were shot with a drone to an authentic voice over from Bill Belichick. Go to WWII Foundation Website to check it out and get the film on BluRay

The Word

Many questions have been asked about the terrorist activities in Britain. How did this happen? Why is it happening to us? What can we do to prevent it? Will it happen here in America.

So this episode was a way to start answering these and other questions. The one that comes to mind is, “Why do we want to fight the enemy overseas?” The events in England should give someone a good idea why.

I based much of this episode off of this website US Government Invasive Species Website. The reason I did it this way is to remove any religious or racial overtone or suggestion. You can also check out the US Fish & Wildlife Recommendations for more information.

My point is until we start treating those support, perpetrate and endorse terrorism like an invasive species, it is simply a matter of when we are attacked again rather than if. I don’t want to see anyone suffer from a terrorist attack.

The book that woke me to all of this was Melanie Phillips’ excellent work Londonistan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Londonistan:_How_Britain_is_Creating_a_Terror_State_Within

What is happening today was discussed over a decade in this book. Check it out if you think some people want to take a different direction to combat terrorism.

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