Episode 40 – A Millenial’s Perspective

April 21, 2017

This is episode 40. In many ways it was challenging and rewarding at the same time.

A couple of things for this week’s episode.

First, I want to thank Kip Clark from the Podcast Stride and Saunter for coming on Oscar Mike Radio. You can check his podcast here —http://www.strideandsaunter.com/ Kip has produced almost 150 episodes, which is to say he has talked to many people about various subjects. We met at the PRX Podcast Garage Meetup, and started talking about content creation and ideas. Kip had me come on his podcast Stride and Saunter – Episode 137. I found a person was truly interested in my experiences and I was interested in collaborating further. I like Kip’s enthusiasm in perfecting his craft and I like how he connects with his guests.

Second, as you can tell this was not recorded in an area meant for recording audio. I wanted to try something new and different so we recorded this at JJ’s Caffe in Brockton, MA. JJ’s Caffe Website . As a bonus, JJ’s Caffe picked up a new fan. Check them out, you won’t be sorry. I want to thank everyone at JJ’s for being great hosts.

I was completely out of my comfort zone recording and editing. I had to put a lot of effort into this episode to get it to sound the way it does. Is there ambient noise in the background? Sure, but I am happy with how this episode forced me to grow technically. It was noisy and chaotic and I credit Kip for handling all the external distractions with a cool demeanor. It made for a great conversation, and I hope you enjoy this episode.

Third, it is easy for me as guy my age to think younger people are out of touch, but as you will hear there are younger people who want to take the time to understand the larger world around them. Kip shows all of us that if we are willing to have conversation and truly listen, we can learn from each other.

Thanks again Kip, I can’t wait to talk with you again

Below is information about Kip’s Podcast, Stride and Saunter.

You can check out Kip’s work on http://www.strideandsaunter.com/

You can email Kip at strideandsaunter@gmail.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/StrideandSaunter

Twitter – https://twitter.com/StrideNSaunter



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