Episode 110 – Lying Cheating Land Nav

September 7, 2018

Episode 110 – Lying Cheating Land Nav

Question of the Week

I have been asked about what Nike did with Colin Kaepernick. All I can say is this. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution. I have no problem with people protesting. After all you could say our country was founded on protest and civil disobedience. However, that does not mean I have to like how a person protests, nor do I have to respect the cause or the method used to protest.

I just have two words to say when someone waxes poetic over a certain football player. Nathan Hale – Go ahead, Google that name, and tell me how bad I should feel for a guy who is getting paid millions for throwing a compressed ball of air from point A to point B. Poorly…..


The Word

Lying Land Nav Cheaters

There was a article that came out on August 28th about a major cheating scandal at Quantico – Marine Corps Times Story on Cheating Scandal. This is where Marine Officers in training attend The Basic School. This course is boot camp for officers. It seems six 2nd Lieutenants were caught feeding each other grid coordinates used for night land navigation. It isn’t funny at all, but as an enlisted guy, it makes me laugh. The old thought that officers can’t navigate at all is kind of true. Think about it though, after all the work, sacrifice and effort it takes to get into Quantico, was it really worth it to cheat on Night Land Navigation? I have to ask myself if in this age of GPS and cell phones, is the greatest challenge in life using things don’t work off batteries. I have to think our fore fathers could have aced this without a problem. Still, there six (Can I call them Marines) people who tried to lead Marines who never gave their first order. Just goes to show how bad ass you have to be to lead Marines.

2018 Greater Boston Stand Down

If you are in Boston near Government Center on September 7th, 2018 you need to check out the Great Boston Stand Down.

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