Oscar Mike Radio Special – Patriots Fest – Austin Edwards

Growing up in Effingham, Illinois, Austin’s small-town values deeply influenced his life decisions, leading him to serve in the Air Force. The camaraderie and American pride nurtured in his community resonate through his music and service. It’s a story of genuine love for our nation.

In an emotionally charged conversation, Austin talked openly about his parents’ musical legacy and how his mother’s battle with cancer propelled his musical journey. The image of his father’s tears on his guitar strings isn’t just a memory; it’s the heartbeat of his music. Our conversation explored how Austin’s tribulations and triumphs are woven into his songs.

From wearing the badge to hitting the stage, Austin Edwards’ life is a testament to the power of following your heart. He shares how, against the odds of a demanding career in law enforcement, he embraced his passion for music. His story isn’t just about chasing dreams and crafting a message of unity and patriotism, one song at a time.

Excitement is building for Patriots Fest. This festival is more than just a gathering; it celebrates our nation’s spirit, supporting special ops survivors and nurturing America’s future.

Sometimes life offers us a crossroad between opportunity and duty. Austin Edwards faced this when he contemplated auditioning for America’s Got Talent while serving as a police officer. His choice? To step aside for another contestant, leading to an unexpected duo act that soared to second place on the show. Hear Austin’s incredible journey and his aspirations to unite our country through music at Patriots Fest.

Patriots Fest is on May 18th, 2024, at The Piazza in Aurora, Illinois.

Get your tickets at https://patriotsfest.com/now!

Learn more about by going to his website – AustinEdwardsMusic.com – Country Music, Music, Austin Edwards

Thank you, Austin, for talking with me. I am looking forward to meeting you.

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