281 – Ryan Cornelius – Vet with a Mic

It is always good to talk with a Veteran who podcasts. Ryan Cornelius served in the Navy and now does research for mental health.

Ryan decided to expand on his work and start podcast talking with Veterans about aspects of mental trauma and recovery with other mental health professionals and Veterans.

Vet with a Mic seeks to provide a place to talk about serious issue and solutions to the problems Veterans face. I feel that civilians and other mental health professionals can learn a lot as Ryan talks with his guests.

I like Vet with a Mic and Ryan’s approach because even though military is a niche category (It isn’t even recognized as a podcast category) mental health, from a clinical research perspective, is even more niche.

Listening to Ryan’s story and his approach once again shows that there is plenty of room for Veteran’s podcasts. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing Ryan grow. Thanks for talking with me Ryan, and I can’t wait to talk with you again.

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