It may not look it, but Daniel and I have a lot in common. There are three things that unite us as brothers in arms. We served in the Marine Corps, we like heavy metal music, and we love Warhammer 40K. Daniel created a Facebook and MeWe group called VetsRock. That is how we met. It is a place where if you listen to or play rock and roll or heavy metal you can join in the fun. He was surprised when I joined and we started talking music. We met in person at the 2020 Irreverent Warriors Boston Halloween Party. Daniel showed up as Thor and crushed it. As we said in the conversation, a big thanks to Gladys Morgan for putting on that event. It was a great time. It was there that we started talking about about Warhammer 40K or 40K to all the players and fans. Daniel plays the game, but I like the lore. Just sitting there at the party or the Masshole Veterans Zoom Calls and shooting the breeze brought me back to many conversations in my 5-Ton in desert as we were pulling our HAWK gear. It was a good time. I want to do more of these. I know my show has been purpose driven, but doing this helped bring me back into alignment that sometimes all we need is someone just talk with about things we enjoy. Can’t wait to talk with you again Daniel. Next concert in town we are in the pit! Ave imperator!

hanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack, Mark Holmes and Shaun Schubert for supporting Veterans!

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