I met Heather Clark at the 2020 Irreverent Warriors Nashville Hike on September 11th. She is a Navy Veteran. It was early morning after the event at The Boondox and Heather was offering a yoga class for Veterans. While I didn’t exactly get my Namaste on I could see that there were benefits to what Heather was teaching. I say benefits because these were yoga poses based on drills I done with firearms training in and out of the Marine Corps. I was hooked. Since then Heather has been Oscar Mike. She is starting her own company and is working to make yoga more accessible to veterans. She hosts the 7 Echo Podcast on YouTube and has many other things in the works. You can see Heather perform with Chris Turner (www.christurnermusic.com) at The Boondox February 12th 2021 for the Hearts for Warriors Event. Yoga was just the start and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Thanks to my sponsors Joyce Asack, Mark Holmes and Shaun Schubert for supporting Veterans!

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